Thursday, October 9, 2008

Results of the US Presidential Debates

At first, like most of other world citizens, I’m very pleased when I heard that a black man is running for a President in the US. Not just because he’s black but because he’s young and seemed to be honest enough, with good and pleasant manner. Not to mention down to Earth. In short, a complete opposite of how Americans are perceived.

I sincerely hope that he could become the next President of the US to end many conflicts around the world specifically between the Israeli and Palestinians. However I lost my hope when I heard his policy regarding America’s best Ally.

He turned out to be no different than any other guy running for office. He also sung the same mandatory love song for their beloved Ally. With that kind of song he would never be fair when it comes to Israel and Palestine's issues. I stopped paying attention to the US Presidential Election news.

However it’s impossible to be deaf and blind on a topic which is considered as the hottest news this day. I ended up watching the 1st and 2nd Presidential debates. And here are the results:

I dislike how Mc.Cain behaved during the 1st debate. He didn’t look nor talk directly to Obama. He brilliantly managed not to even mention Obama by his name. It showed unbelievable amount of arrogance and condescension. Who wants a President who couldn’t even show a common courtesy to his opponent?

On the second debate I didn’t hear a new thing on the substance. But on the character side, I learnt quite a lot e.g. Mc.Cain finally managed to address Obama directly by calling him THAT ONE, he also once again showed his brilliance by turning his back on Obama, when Obama was shaking hands with his wife to avoid him. And he sounded really cheap with his many ‘my friends’ (the first time I actually had someone addressing me as my friend was in a presentation in a teahouse in China).

Both candidates attacked each other quite often, however, Mc. Cain looked angry, disgruntled and mean spirited, exactly like his campaigns which are more negative than Obama’s.

I wonder whether the US Presidential Campaign will be this tight if Obama is white. And it scares me to imagine McCain as US President. I think the world has enough of War President. The world needs someone who thinks and sees others as their equal.

Someone who doesn’t comfortably invent massive lies to justify what their want. Does Mc.Cain have that qualities? From what I learnt through their debates the answer is a big NO.

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