Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Other Presidential Hopefuls Should Learn from Obama – Mc.Cain Debates

If the world could vote in the US 2008 Election it will vote for Obama.

Here are the whys to be considered by other presidential hopefuls who are heading towards their own debates:

He looked calm and sincere.

He showed respect to his opponent.

He didn’t seem to be overly offended by aggressive and offensive words delivered by his opponent.

He didn’t lower himself to the same level as his opponent even when he got the chance and valid reason to do that and therefore showed the excellence of his character (e.g. his restraint not to trash Palin)

He tried to elaborate and be straight on difficult questions and defending his records in calm, organised and reasonable manner.


The excellence of one character is not judged by how he deals and treats those who are close and dear to him but by how he treats those he despises and hates.

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