Monday, December 3, 2007

My Rights, Your Rights, What Right?

People are very adamant in exerting and exercising their rights. Particularly concerning the right to speak their minds. It's even been given a fearsome name: freedom of speech. Translated: you're welcomed to say what ever you want to say, often with the assumption you'll get immunity from the consequences of what you said. That no body is allowed to be offended let alone angered by what you say. You feel that you have full right to speak your mind.

I don't want to dispute it, since it's true. What I want to point out though is that others also have as much right to be offended and angered by what you say.

Our world is a political showcase of many injustices and hypocricies. Some of us have been telling others that they don't have the rights to do what they themselves do. The limitation they impose on others is naturally accompanied by various arguments to justify their imposition. However, the ugly fact remains: "I have the right to do what I want to do, you don't".

The current example is the efforts taken by some countries to bar Iran from developing their nuclear technology while on the other hand giving that very right to some others. The argument given is that it's not safe to give Iran the right to build its nuclear technology. If you don't want to have World War III, do everything in your power to stop Iran from developing their nuclear technology. I find this argument not only lame but incredibly unjust.

I hate weapons be it mass destruction or not. In fact my biggest dream is to wipe out all weapon industries in our planet. And the military forces. I couldn't stop thinking and dreaming what this world would be like without those two. But of course that's only a dream that will never materialise in reality at least not in this still uncivilise millennium where we still have wars in our planet.

Back to nuclear technology, regardless whether Iran will use it to build weapons of mass destruction or just using it for harmless purposes e.g. energy sources(though personally, I don't think we could ever put nuclear and harmless in the same sentence), they have the rights to do what others do. Is Iran a danger to the world peace? Maybe according to some. But from the other point of view, those countries who viewed Iran as a danger are also viewed as a danger by Iran and some others who couldn't stop looking back to their tract records of attacking other countries they viewed as threats.

It's like seeing children fighting. The first kid says to the other: "You can't have a weapon because you're dangerous. You cannot be trusted. Only I have the right to carry a weapon". Well, naturally the other kid disagrees.

Sadly, our rights are given to us by those who have power, more powerful and influential than us. We won't have any right at all if those who are more powerful than us abuse their power to serve their own causes and decide that giving us our full rights will harm or hamper their causes.

As long as there are prejudices, discriminations, distrusts, power hunger politicians, phobias, and injustices in the world talks about rights will never be right. As long as one group decides what is right for others there's no rights. Rights are about compromising our rights with others'.

Understanding that as we live together, what is right for us might not be right for others. Understanding that justice and fairness are the only keys to implementing human/nation rights. And the most important of all is finding trustworthy people to govern, people who know how to be just despite the fact that it will bring harm to themselves, their families, their causes, and their allies. Only then we will be given our full rights which are naturally ours.

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