Sunday, December 16, 2007

The First Step

After waiting for almost a couple of months, today, I've finally got a call from ILP Pancoran which was one of the two places I registered myself in to. "The class starts on January 12th, 2008", said the secretary, "Do you still want to join in?" What a question! Of course I do. Positive thinker though I am, I started to get a bad feeling that I wouldn't be able to find a Mandarin course which open a class on Saturday.

As much as I believe in self-study, I couldn't force myself to spare a specific amount of time to study this difficult language. I've tried. But I found my attention wavering into other languages which at the time being also being the object of my obsession. I ended up switching languages between very few minutes, without getting much progress in any of them.

Other bad thing which I think is the side effect of that kind of learning process, is that I started to mutter foreign words and sentences at home whenever the mood struck me. Fortunately, I still live with my parents who seem to get used to my behaviours. I think they understand that I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to languages.

Hopefully, by joining a formal class I could stop from muttering different languages at the same time, and concentrate on just mandarin ^-^

One small step is a giant leap in learning languages

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