Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review: Yun Zhong Ge

I had made my feelings for Tong Hua clear in the previous posts about her works (Sound of the Desert and Lost You Forever) and if I’m not mistaken I had stated that I had no interest what so ever in reading Yun Zhong Ge due to the obvious reasons.

But, once I started watching the series I changed my mind. Not that the doom and gloom are going to disappear by the end of the drama, it’s just that after being completely submerged by work I’m in need of a total relaxation. So, I chose Yun Zhong Ge because most periodical dramas were light and entertaining in the beginning.

And true to its form despite the horrible ending that awaits at the end of the journey, the earlier episodes of Yun Zhong Ge are relatively free of angst and quite enjoyable to watch.

However, the main reason why I stick with this drama is its Ling Gege.

Those who read the book might love Big Brother Ling for his wonderful character but since I’m watching instead of reading I’m ensnared by the visual. 

This is Ling Gege and Yun Ge:

This is Crown Prince Myongnong and Solnan:

For you who don’t know, I love Jo Hyun Jae (조현재) and the moment I looked at Emperor Zhao/Liu Fu Ling (the grown up version of Ling Gege) I’m lost. No, Meng Jue is lost because it doesn’t matter how much I like him, there is simply no way I’m going to root for him after I see Emperor Zhao.

Every second, every moment, every time the face of Emperor Zhao is on screen my heart beats faster. He reminds me of King Song (Crown Prince Myongnong/Jo Hyun Jae) in the King’s Daughter. The resemblance is so stark that I have difficulty in reminding myself that it’s not Jo Hyun Jae I’m watching but Lu Yi.

This is Lu Yi:

 This is Jo Hyun Jae:

With that face to stare at and root for it’s impossible for me to stop midway like I always do (I watched lots of dramas but rarely finished any of them). I’m going to watch Yun Zhong Ge until the bitter end. I’m going to sit through all the angst and try my hardest to create my own happy ending.

To tell you the truth that’s going to be hard because I feel nothing for the female lead Yun Ge. If I do feel something from time to time, it is disdain.

How could she be so stupid to fall in love with a wrong man while swearing to heaven to love her Ling Gege only? And then how could she switch her love to Meng Jue while still loving her ‘Ling Gege’ and then suddenly stops loving him just because she thinks she is being used by him?

She doesn’t deserved to be loved that much by either Emperor Zhao or Meng Jue. She is nothing but another extremely nice and kind hearted female lead in drama land. Another one that lacks brains and analytical power. It’s particularly vexing because I love her awesome parents.

I might regret my decision to watch this drama when I arrive at the final scene. But for now, I love what I see. The pretty oh the pretty.

ps: more comparison for your perusal

Lu Yi:

Jo Hyun Jae:

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