Monday, November 9, 2015

Yoo Seung Ho (유승호) and Imaginary Cat (상상고양이)

Soe In Guk (서인국) and Lee Jong Sok (이종석) are the examples of a couple of young actors that I really like. But I don’t find them as physically stunning as Yoo Seung Ho who looks like Song Seung Hun (송승헌) and So Ji Sub (소지섭) turn into one.

When I first saw him appeared on screen in Queen Soen Doek my eyes completely glued to the screen and followed his every movement while silently screaming ‘OMG! Who is this perfection on screen?!’

Now, although what I love most in any drama is the strength of its story but with Yoo Seung Ho and his orange fur of love Bok Gil on screen who cares about storyline? Who cares about dialogue?

The cuteness is overloaded. It’s impossible for this drama to disappoint. How could it be when I’m already in heaven just watching these two frolicking. As long as they don’t kill that orange grumpy adorable kitty I’m going to love the show no matter what.

Looking forward to watching this Sang Sang Goyangi!

Love the voice of Han Yeri (한예리) as Bok Gil. It sounds cute and crafty at the same time.
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