Monday, September 29, 2014

Looking forward to The Birth of a Beauty

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But, after the King’s Daughter there are no dramas that really capture my attention.

Some people love It’s Okay It’s Love, but I don’t really get the attraction. Yes, the first four episodes were good enough to make me kept watching continuously but there’s something missing.

After episode eight I gave up. My heart is not in it. I might give it another try sometimes later. But not now. The same goes for other dramas. I just don’t feel the love.

Surprisingly, I find that Trot Lovers is rather endearing. My suspicion is that it’s because I secretly cheering for the second male lead. Although to be honest I haven’t finished this one either. But, I’ll definitely going to come back for Trot Lovers to see what they would do with the weirdly endearing second male lead.  

There are mostly two reasons why it’s hard for me to fall in love with those dramas. Firstly, because I don’t really love the actors and actresses playing the leads and secondly because the stories don’t agree with me and I fail to understand and sympathize with the characters.
But of course there’s always an exception. 

Sometimes although I’m not a fan of the leads if I find the story to be my liking I’ll fall in love with that drama. The Bride of the Century is a perfect example of how a drama could completely win me over with just its story.

From limited information about the synopsis of The Birth of a Beauty, I don’t find it to be compelling enough to draw me in.  It sounds rather shallow and totally crazy. But, on the other hand this drama is going to be starred by Han Ye Sul (한예슬) and Joo Sang Wook (주상욱). 

I love them both. And they suit perfectly well with shallow and crazy. 

I adore Han Ye Seul in Fantasy Couple where she plays an heiress who gets amnesia but still totally snobbish about everything she encounters. She is adorable and quite funny.

While Joo Sang Wook (주상욱)... Sigh. Love him before and love him much more after Sly and Single Again. He looks good brooding and rich. But he is totally awesome being silly, petty, and crazily childish. And rich of course.

Praying that The Birth of a Beauty will not disappoint. A funny and heartwarming drama will never fail to capture the hearts of its audience.
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