Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just You, Dean Fujioka Tatsuo

Sometimes you find someone to be incredibly attractive without really knowing why. In my case that someones are Joo Sang Wook and Dean Fujioka Tatsuo.

Joo Sang Wook is a good looking man, but thats not why Im so into him. There are many other good looking actors that I dont find nearly as appealing as he is.

In Dean Fujioka Tatsuos case, its even more incomprehensible. Unlike Joo Sang Wook who I think is good looking, I dont even find Dean that handsome at all. But, how he makes my blood sings everytime he shows up on the screen. 

In Just You Im fully on Deans ship.

I can see how Just You pictures him as the most beautiful man God ever created. He totally wows me. Im completely besotted. Im so with those women who drool over him and swoon at his feet.

But even in my drunken state I wonder why I feel this way.

Its like theres no connection between my eyes, my brain, and my heart. My eyes: My God! How could a man be this perfect!, my brain: Perfect?! You dont even like his eyes and eye brows! and my heart: I love you. Love you. Love you.

How I wish Liang Liang could see this wonderful perfect guy and chooses him instead. Sigh. Another case of second lead syndrome which rarely inflicts me. But when I have it. I have it bad.

Love you Dean.
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