Thursday, October 10, 2013

Belated Happy Birthday to My Other Man Song Seung Hun (송승헌)

I’m late again for the birthday of my second love. I was a day late for Jo Hyun Jae’s and now five days late for Song Seung Hun’s. So, I can understand if you start to wonder whether I really love them.

But in my defense I didn’t even remember my own birthday until a colleague congratulated me.

Birthday is not a big thing in my family. We never celebrate birthday. I’m sure my brother doesn’t even know our parents’ birthdays. The only birthday that every one remembers is my nephew’s.

Therefore, not remembering my men’s birthdays doesn’t mean I don’t love them. I love them with all the love and passions that exceed my love for other actors.

Hence, allow me to convey my very best wishes to one of the most gorgeous Korean actors ever graces the screen, the perfect 송승헌.

‘Dear Song Seung Hun, Belated Happy Birthday. May you get all the things that you want in life and be happy with the life you live.’

My personal wish:
I wish for a day when I can fall head over heel in love with his character, be that in movies or dramas. I want to love that character as much as I love his other ‘character’, The Hand Towel.

I think I might get my wish with his newest project Human Addiction.

People, okay, I mean ladies, are already raving about how that project suits him, how perfect it is for him and wonder why nobody ever thought about it before. They are even deliberating on giving him a new name, The No Towel. Saying that it’s about time to say good riddance to that damn towel of his.

Needless to say that I’m really looking forward to his new movie and applaud him for his bravery and generosity to share God’s best gift to women kind. For, he’d be generous in that movie, right?

Wait, does it mean that I would fall in love with yet another character of his that’s not even in the movie?

*Need to check out once again how beautiful my Song Seung Hun really is. Looking at him always gives me inspirations and light bulb moments*

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