Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Review: The King of Dramas

There are dramas that I love and there are dramas that I LOVE. There are actors who I love and there are actors who I LOVE. Coincidentally those actors who I LOVE are from dramas that I LOVE. This is probably because the biggest part of my love for them is the results of my love for the characters they played in those dramas.

I know Kim Myung Min is big. I know he is one of the best actors out there. When we’re talking about an A List Actors he’s the A of A. But it's not until Beethoven Virus that I finally fell in love with him.

Kim Myung Min doesn't have the blinding looks of the most stars. There are many gorgeous Korean actors who totally surpasss him in the looks department but somehow his Master Kang in Beethoven Virus transforms into the most beautiful man in the world to me.

And now....I'm totally in love with his Anthony Kim!

He still doesn’t have the looks and he’s definitely older but how in the world whenever I see Anthony Kim my heart pounds like it’s about to explode. How come whenever I see him on the screen with the leading actress who by the way was in my ‘I don’t like her’ list I’m becoming giddy with anticipation.

I swear Kim Myung Min is GOD!

The King of Dramas is still airing so I don’t know how it’ll end hence it wouldn’t be fair to give it the highest score or put it as one of my favourite dramas ever. Not with the knowledge that the ending of a drama could ruin a great drama and that most of the last episodes of a drama tend to loose its way. However, everything about this show so far is superb.

It’s not easy to find originality in any drama if one has watched almost every drama there is. But, it’s easy to spot a brilliant writing. It takes only seconds to see something refreshing amidst the same old molds, it takes even less than that to fall for an unusual character.

Kdrama is well known for it’s romantic line, but rarely do they manage to deliver a sizzling chemistry between their leads across the screen without any sizzling scenes. But The King of Dramas manages to make me delirious with expectations and shivering with anticipations whenever the lead couple are on screen doing nothing more than just be in the same room.

The King of Dramas is the best treat to end 2012.
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