Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bore to Death!

I don’t think I’m ever this bored before. Everyone seems to have something great to do. My best friends are doing their business trips. Some go to other provinces together and the other go to Australia and won’t be back till the end of the month. And by the end of the month my boss will also go to Darwin and Perth. It makes me feel like I want to go somewhere too when I actually don’t.

By next week, we’re sending all of our staff to other provinces all over the country. I could go wherever I want if I want to travel too. But although I like the idea of being somewhere else I have no fond for things that relate to a trip.

Not to mention the fact that I’d probably end up chairing a meeting when the Provincial people invite all the Districts people to come over. Or having a formal talk with the head of our Provincial office. Nope. Not fun at all. Moreover, I hate flying and the time differences that necessitate me to wake in the very wee hour.

I know that my boredom has nothing to do with lack of things to do. Because although the 16 -17 working hours have ended and I’m finally back to my normal working hours which are about 11 hours a day there’s still pressing job to be done.
It’s almost impossible for my job to come to a complete full stop for thing has always come up on top of each other.

At this moment, I have to check one of our financial reports. It’s about 100 pages and full of incorrect figures and graphics. Is that why I’m feeling bored?

Nah….now everything about financial reports should only give me thrill and make me glow with happiness for our hard work has paid off incredibly well. We’ve finally got the coveted unqualified opinion for the first time ever!

*jumping up and down, singing and shouting: We’ve got the unqualified opinion!*

Yes, nothing to feel bored at all!

And here’s another reason why I should feel ecstatic instead of feeling this way: I’ve got a brand new car! A totally cool and expensive brand new car!

Indeed, I was ecstatic but only for a short time. I think my father is more excited about this brand new car than me. He postpones his trip to our village in order to see it.

My mother told me that he’s been boasting to his fiends about it even before it comes to our garage. And besides he has another reason to be happy: he’ll be in charge of my other cool car which is only three years old. The car that I never let him touch before now will be his.


Is that why I’m feeling this way? Does it mean it’s not boredom at all? Do I feel restless then? Or unhappy?

The problem is when I’m bored, restless or unhappy I have a tendency to splurge. Come to think of it I do have very bad habits when I’m feeling bad. I either eat a lot or spend a lot!

Wait a minute! I also have tendency to give away a lot of money when I feel the urge to be a good daughter. Didn’t I just spend thousands of US dollars just a couple of months ago for my father? And didn’t I feel the urge to just give him the money last night when he mentioned how expensive he found the cost of the wheel that he bought?

Gosh! I always pay attention to finance. Even way before I become an accountant, okay since I was in the elementary school, I always take a careful note of how much money I have and how much money I spend in a day.

How come I suddenly loose interest in my own finance now? How come I no longer find that spending thousands and thousands of US dollars matter? How come I no longer have the interest to watch my debit and credit?

If this is what a boredom do to me I’m definitely in trouble!
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