Monday, September 28, 2009

Review : The Proposal

After hearing a raving review from a friend about this particular movie it is only natural that I have a high hope for the ‘Proposal’. Perhaps that was my mistake. Loving romance as much as I do I require a rather high standard when it comes to romantic comedy. What was considered as a good romantic movie by others will not necessarily be mine.

So do not feel discourage if you plan to see it. The proposal was not bad, I think it's good enough for its genre although it failed to achieve the level of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

The proposal has a huge potential to be big. It has all the ingredients for a smashing hit e.g. relationship between female executive and her younger male secretary, but it failed to explore, exploit and expand it.

My biggest problem with the movie was that I found it hard to swallow that Andrew Paxton could suddenly fall in love with Margaret Tate. If he wants to fall in love with her he has three long years, many late, over and extra hours to do so! Why wait until she black-mailed him to finally see her virtues – I forget it wasn’t her virtue that he finally saw and commented upon!

Another thing which I found lacking is that there is no chemistry what so ever between the two leading characters! But how could there be when the story which is supposed to be a love story has not allowed a seed of love to blossom between its leading actors from the beginning!

I had better stop talking about it for it only increases my annoyance into anger. And if I attempt to write another word, I might spoil your desire to see it. Please do not mind me. Go and see it you might like it.

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