Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why JK and not SBY

First of all, I wasn’t one of SBY and JK’s supporters. I don’t like any body with military background who are trying to run this country. Meaning, no vote for SBY. And I’m no fan of Golkar, so I’m not that enthusiastic about JK either.

The combination of the two of them had killed my desire to exercise my right and do my civic duty as a good citizen. Had the two of them run together for another term, I would be staying at home and once again forsaking my right to vote.

A month ago I didn’t even have the slightest interest in our general elections but it changed when the couple decided to break up. My interest was caught up with the speculations as to whether JK would really be running for President and who would be chosen as SBY’s candidate for Vice President if he would.

I was prepare to vote for SBY depending on his choice of Vice President. But he chose Budiono. I was so disappointed that I was prepare to choose JK or went back into no voting group once again. The disappointment wasn’t because I hate Budiono or had had someone else in my mind for the vice position, I didn’t.

Strange how could I be so disappointed when I didn’t even care in the first place. Probably because deep down I believe that choosing a President matters. Perhaps because I believe that the right to choose is too precious to be forsaken.

My disappointment with SBY’s choice had driven me to turn to his competitors. The Lady in Red was out of the question. So it left me only with JK. I never imagine that I would be voting for him for President, especially since he chose Wiranto who is a military man and has a considerable baggage on his back as his running mate. But feelings are strange thing. Sometimes there is no explanation as to why we feel the way we feel.

Other people use various reasons to explain their objections to Budiono. I don’t have anything against Budiono. It was SBY’s choice of him that cause me to balk. The issue is more with SBY than Budiono himself. The choice is a revelation about SBY.

It tells me that SBY wants someone who would think a thousand times before saying something that might displease him, someone who would never gainsay him, and most importantly someone who has no power to go against him. And I don’t like it. Not even a bit. So, JK it is.

There was a few days of indecision of whether I really want to go for JK, but after seeing a few glimpses of JK and Wiranto on a number of TV’s programs I was leaning more heavily towards them. But the deciding factor was the program held by TVOne and KADIN (Chamber of Commerce) called ‘President Pilihan’ (The Chosen President).

JK looked at ease and comfortable, he looked at home. He called everybody by their names, I guess it was because he does know them since he used to be part of them. He looked adorable, endearing and most importantly approachable.

What I like most about his performance was the fact that he was not afraid of uttering the politically incorrect answers and statements. It was refreshing. He came across as honest and genuine. As a real person. Someone to whom we could relate to.

SBY on the other hand looked reserved like he always does. Admittedly, his presentation was great despite the off beat jokes. He argued his point better than JK by providing data and statistics. But it was so boring. He talked like he was giving a lecture to a bunch of intelligent English speaking students. Does having a degree a requirement to understanding your President?

While SBY is on TVOne, his running mate was being interviewed by Metro TV. It was my first time to really seeing and hearing Budiono answering questions. Do you know my first reaction? What a dull couple! Budiono was even more tense than SBY. Both of them need to loosen up a bit. To be more honest to the public by revealing the real men behind the façade of power.

Personally, I wouldn’t put my trust on any candidate that I don’t know. And there is no better way to make other people trust you than by giving them a chance to see the real you.

By taking chances that if you just being yourselves they would still like you the way you are. That’s what JK did. And he had succeeded in moving and touching people by being blatantly honest in expressing his feelings. If he keeps this up he would have bigger chance to influence the undecided voters.

I’m looking forward to having a President who could say what he really means and wants, and thereby saving his staff a lot of headaches and times by not having to have a numerous meetings just to try to figure out what does the President want exactly.

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yes..with genuine and relaxed style of JK, i think he would gain his vote from undecided voters...

Our people just need a simple and 'to the point' answers.not all of our people experienced a good education anyway...