Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blame it on the Israelis

Who would’ve thought that it’s possible for our world to become a gloomier place to live in. With the global economic crisis, several wars on progress, and more wars in the making, everyone seems to incline to forget that once upon the time they’ve made an ambitious plan called MDGs. I guess with the war on terror being promoted by one of the most powerful world leaders, WMDs has no other choice but to usurp MDGs.

And as the results we have increasing numbers of suicides, homicides, and psychos running lose on the streets, in the workplaces, and practically every where with none the wiser. And let’s not forget the very real and stunning number of civilian casualties in various parts of the world. Not that those figures managed to stun those needed most to be stunned to turn the tragedy around.

We’re living in a very unhealthy and crazy environment where contradictions, hypocrisies and double standards are normal occurrences. In a feeble effort to keep my sanity in tact I avoid news channels, and immerse myself completely in one of my vises, watching various Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese series. However, just like drinking, one can’t stay drunk forever. One has to finally wake up with the after effect and back to the unpleasant realities.

The world is definitely not a pretty place to live in. Particularly for those caught up in the middle of conflicts and wars. Where no heroes rush to save the helpless victims, where no happy ending to look forward to and there’s always this certainty that regardless whether they’re right or wrong, the powerful will always prevail.

In the real life of our world, the voice of reason, and humanity have no effect nor power to change the world into a better place. We have been utterly deceived and manipulated to design a system that gives a free reign to limited few to shape and run our world.

And unfortunately for those stupid people, namely us, the gullible, the good citizen of the world, those few who run the world are the warmongers, the greediest and the worst among us.

Those who when told that the policy they’re taking are wrong and opposed by practically the whole world only said unconcernedly “So what?” Which is one of the most typical characters of those the worst among us. They simply don’t care about what other people think, what they care about is only that they get what they want. By the way, this is Dick Chaney I’m talking about in case you don’t know.

Those who when asked “Why are you bombing and attacking civilians?” justified his country’s actions by saying that “If you back down from attacking your enemies – the terrorists – simply because they are using civilians as their shield, then you’re giving a very wrong message to them!”

I got chill when I heard his justification. I wonder whether he’s listening to what he just said. Whether it’s possible that he doesn’t get the menace, the cruelty, the injustice, and the plain and simple fact of how wrong it is? Good guys, the heroes, the humane, the sane, don’t attack and kill civilians, NO MATTER WHAT. ONLY BAD GUYS DO THAT! ONLY TERRORISTS DO THAT!. But who am I kidding, in case you don’t know that’s Benyamin Netanyahu speaking.

The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is the biggest deterrent to the world peace. Most of the countries in the world get this except for few. The world deserves a peace. It doesn’t deserve to be plagued and bothered by the constant fighting and bickering between these two. Nobody wants to witness the sufferings of the people who are caught up in the conflict between them. Certainly not on daily basis. Certainly not like what we’re witnessing recently.

And when the world is finally moved against Israeli’s attack on the Palestinians, and asking for immediate cease fire, guess who stands up to support Israeli’s right to attack to defend themselves from relatively harmless missiles fired by Hamas?

I’m not going to name names, suffice it to say that it’s a country which deemed it necessary to drop nuclear bombs in two big cities of its enemy simply to win the war, regardless of the civilians costs. It’s a country which deemed it necessary to attack and occupied other sovereign country simply to topple its leader.

I’m really sicken and tired by all the things I see happening in the various parts of the world. I hate that I have to say bye bye MDGs, welcome WMDs! Yes. I’m changing from against WMD to pro WMD! I’m that piss if you must know!

And to one of the biggest players in the world peace or should I say world's recent tragedy - the Israelis, please take off the gloves already! Stop playing nice for a few hours before continuing with your bombings. Get serious and get down to business. Drop all the pretense of being a good guy. Drop your WMDs in all the Palestine’s cities to finish them off, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your great buddy will stand by your side.

The whole world will probably say their peace of mind for a relatively short time, but that’s all about it. No real sanctions. At least not in this world and not as soon nor as terrible as what some of us want to befall upon you.

Do it, and give us a peaceful world we need. I need my sanity back. I don’t want my blood pressure to skyrocketing whenever I accidentally turn my TV on.

The peace is not in the hands of the weak, it’s not in the hands of the needy. It’s in the hands of the powerful and the rich.

It’s not the Palestinians who are the major obstacle to peace. It’s the Israelis.

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