Monday, June 2, 2008

It’s President Wanted! Not the Wannabes!

Looking at the exciting presidential campaign in the US I feel a little bit dishearten when I look at our own up coming general election. Regardless of the outcome of their presidential election – considering the Americans track records of choosing Bush twice and having Mc.Cain to run for the third term... – at least the Americans have had a chance to vote for an alternative and potential candidate who could bring about change. Indonesians are not that lucky.

Sure we have plenty who are passionately determined to be the next President. Some of them had even been given a chance and lucky enough to become RI 1. The fact that they had been ousted or voted out by the people doesn’t seem to diminish their desires to make another attempt to come back. The problem is we don’t want them to come back! Well, okay perhaps it’s only me and few others with good memories and critical thinking. I want someone new.

Someone who isn’t tainted with the dirty intrigues in our bureaucracies. Someone who doesn’t have a prospect of becoming a “witness” in any corruption cases under prosecution by KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission). Someone who is passionate enough about change and could inspire and convince us that change is possible after all. Someone who believes that the systematic corruption in our governments could be eliminated through drastic and major changes. Someone who realises that the key to poverty alleviation is good governance and not abundant natural resources as it has been painfully proven to us all!

Sadly, no such person is visible in the horizon. All that I could see is wannabes who make it clear that their priority is to win the general election. Wannabes who try to sell their wares with their same old boring jingle “Experience”. I don’t careless if they’ve a life time career as bureaucrat. I don’t careless if they’ve a term or two as President of the Republic of Indonesia in their brief.

It only tells me that they’ve learn all there is to learn in the Political Guidance for Successful Politicians textbook. Which have special chapters dedicated to extensively discuss the ways to deceive public through elaborate schemes, the how to make initiatives and policies which are easy to implement without in depth studies, the how to hand out key positions to allies and cronies without being obvious, and the how to accumulate as much wealth as possible during one’s term. That’s what the experience is all about!

What we should care about our Presidential hopeful is his character, sincerity, honesty and integrity. What we should care about is that we choose someone who really cares for his people, us. Not his position. What we need is someone who is extremely passionate and determined to better our lot. Not someone who’s ambition is to become a President!
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