Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fuel Hike

In just a few months I’ve experiencing more than a couple of increases of gas price. For your information I’m using gas with higher level of octane which of course way more pricey than the ones with lower octane level.

The reasons for using a higher octane level gas are because I assume it would be better for my car and because the gas with a cheaper price is heavily subsidized by the government and is designated for those who couldn’t afford it without subsidy.

So, I was feeling quite noble and virtuous for being a model citizen and didn’t really mind those increases.

However, when I stopped in a gas station a couple of days ago, I was pissed of by the new price I saw. It’s Rp 8,750 per liter! Yes, that’s the price I have to pay for being such a model citizen.

Instead of rewarding me for my noble action which now I started to see as a stupid mistake and waste of precious money, the government decided to charge me more! Don’t they know that I am equal to those rare and endangered species needed to be protected? The government needs to preserve people like me. People who did stupid thing when people around them are being smart instead. People who support government stupid initiative at their own costs.

If you’re not using gas with higher level of octane or never pay attention to the going on in a gas station, I’ll tell you what happens when I’m giving my car its expensive drink. I never have to queue. Never! At least not with another car. My only competition is motorbikes.

The common scenes which I saw with mistaken feelings of superiority and righteousness were of luxurious cars using lower level of octane. It didn’t even cross my mind to question why I was the only one using higher octane – a lesson learned: if you’re the only one doing something, it’s probably because you’re doing the wrong thing!

Another thing that I learned is that what the government has achieved with their latest brilliant initiative is opening my eyes that I was being stupid. And it reaffirms my belief that the government is also very stupid.

If the purpose of increasing the price of higher level octane gas is to reducing government burden on subsidy, it fails miserably. This decision has a contrary effect, it pushes me to be like everybody else, to start to be smart and using the cheaper gas, which is heavily subsidized by the government! And don’t they know that no body is buying this expensive gas anyway?!

The government really needs to start to get smarter than that! And brings forth effective initiative like increasing the price of those subsidized gas to close the gap with the price of higher octane gas and therefore forcing those rich people to use what they should be using in the first place while on the other hand maintaining subsidized fuel price for those really needed e.g. public transportation and the have not.

The President said he was thinking of withdrawing Indonesia’s membership of OPEC for a time being as we’ve become an importing country, not that I disagree, but the question is why did we’ve become an oil importing country? What’s wrong? There got to be something wrong. Or am I being stupid again?

With the skyrocketing of fuel price we're supposed to rejoicing the fact and not lamenting it, but of course that's only happen if we are exporting oil. What happens? Have we depleted our resources? Or have the management of our resources to be blamed?

Everybody (translated as foreigners) complement Indonesia for being a rich country with a lot of resources, but if they bother to ask Indonesians, those common people, I'm sure they would be informed that the ordinary people never feel that they are rich, what they feel is that life has become more hard and difficult by day.

Yeah, I'm pissed of alright. So should every other not so stupid Indonesian!
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