Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dress for success?

What determines you've dressed for success? I'm not going to ponder the politically correct answer for this one. Since our lives are a learning experience.

I've managed to learn one small lesson regarding dressing: Dressing correctly is actually very important! Not that I didn't know it before but we rarely practice what we know don't we?

I fail to dress successfully this morning. Thinking that this is just another ordinary day to be spent comfortably behind my desk in my office, I chose to wear a suit. A really formal one. Translation: Thick one.

As soon as I arrived I found out that I need to go out for a field visit with a Japanese counterpart. With Indonesia's weather...it's a disaster. Not to mention no body going to the field wearing a suit!

Perhaps I should keep a few outfits in the office just in case. Been thinking about doing exactly that for quite sometimes, but there's never been a very strong case to prompt me to act.

Perhaps this is the time?

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