Monday, June 12, 2017


I did not know that Wuxiaworld existed until Coiling Dragon. Since then Wuxiaworld has become an important part of my life. In the early days I had no idea what RWX or Ren (Lai Jin Ping) the founder of Wuxiaworld looked like or what he did before Wuxiaworld. He was shrouded in mystery like a reclusive expert on the top of a cloudy mountain.

But he finally decided to end his reclusiveness and come down from his mountain top to mingle with the mortals and did many great stuff for them. He let us know not only himself but also the famous authors like I Eat Tomato, Tang Jia San Shao, and Er Gen. And last but not least the chance to see the legendary Death Blade who is the awesome entity responsible for the translation of I Shall Seal the Heaven!

I was planning to post something else this Ramadan. But I just can’t help myself after seeing the latest announcement from Wuxiaworld. A paid visit (free trip) to China to meet Er Gen! Awesome is not a good enough word to describe it!

Wishing all the best for Wuxiaworld that has grown so much in recent years. 

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