Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: 007 Skyfall, The Best Bond Ever

I’m not a fan of 007 series so I don’t watch that many Bond’s movies. But among those I’ve seen I have to say that I like Skyfall the most.  It’s hard to pin point exactly what I like about it. So, perhaps I should start with what I don’t like about the other Bond’s series in general.

It’s actually hurting my head trying to think about things I don’t like, because honestly, I find his super power to clean up the world single handedly is kind of awesome.

Hey, I’m one of those very few who actually like A Man Called God (although I have yet to finish it). And talking about AMCG that’s where I finally understand how good looking Song Il Gook really is. Didn’t realize how handsome he was until then.

Unfortunately liking Skyfall doesn’t turn Daniel Craig into a heartthrob for me but it is exceedingly successful in making me think that he is an incredibly awesome Bond. My favorite Bond. And this is from someone who once thought that Pierce Brosnan was the most handsome man in the whole world.

Now, the gadgets. Love them. What? I’m supposed to talk about things I don’t like? And Skyfall doesn’t have fancy gadgets? Oh, I see, Bond only gets a radio from Q. But, whatever, I still think that Skyfall is the best Bond’s movie I’ve ever watched.

And I know I’m supposed to talk about things I don’t like in 007’s series. And I know it’s not fair for me who only saw a few of Bond’s movies to make judgment which one is the best.

But who says you have to watch all Korean dramas to make judgment whether you like them or not? Who says you have to watch every dramas before you may say which one is the best. I say it’s completely okay for one to decide that A is the best among the few one’s saw.

Back to what I don’t like in the other Bond’s movies. It’s the women. Or the Bond’s girls as they call it. That’s the only thing that I hate about Bond’s series. I hate those gorgeous women whose only function is to be bedded by Bond then die or not die. Not that I care.

The problem is those bed scenes have defined Bond for me. Whenever I think of James Bond I think about an agent who sleeps around with every woman he encounters. And I find that rather sad.

How about Skyfall?

The bed scenes in Skyfall don’t bother me because they are totally and completely meaningless. Skyfall doesn’t try to make them into something else. And I love how it doesn’t even try to give those poor women any importance at all.

Although if one may ask why bother to have those scenes in the first place? Afraid to go too far from the standardized Bond’s formula?

Whatever the reasons were, I’m grateful that Skyfall spends more time on much more important things like characters' building.

This is where I get to see James Bond as a man. A man who has feelings. A man who is vulnerable. A man with integrity, a dark past and a hidden sense of humor. 

At last, I no longer see him as an agent who sleeps around with every woman he encounters but as a man whose love for his country, his boss/colleagues is big enough to overcome his personal feelings. 

And I totally love the reintroduction of Q and Moneypenny!  

Who would have thought that a nerdy looking boy is actually Q? And who would have guessed that M’s secretary has actually shot 007 to death? Just love it!

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