Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Review: Library of Heaven’s Path

Ideally review should be written only after one has finished reading or watching whatever one wants to review. However, since it becomes harder for me to actually finish any dramas/series I watch I’m going to completely abandon this wisdom.  

And since my reading interest has shifted to translated on line wuxia/xianxia stories which go on and on for hundreds/thousands series it’s more convenient and practical to write a review as I read. (Just for your information, it takes years for a series to be fully translated.)

Currently, I’m reading a number of series but I’m actually addicted to Library of Heaven’s Path by Heng Sao Tian Ya.

If you want to know what is so great about Library of Heaven’s Path, I really don’t know what to say. It’s rather embarrassing to admit that there is really nothing outstanding about this particular series especially if we want to compare it to great series by I Eat Tomatoes like Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformation, Desolate Era etc.

In fact you might really hate it once you notice the extremely blatant copy paste formula that is being used over and over again throughout the series. It’s plain to see that the writer is only filling in the blanks with different names, locations and times. All the dialogues and the reactions of every supporting character are exactly the same. I mean exactly the same. Verbatim.

But, strangely enough, although I felt like screaming ‘Why are you doing this shameful thing Mr. Writer?’ I kept on reading and not quitting.

If I have to give excuses for my lack of taste then I’ll try to justify my addiction to this shameless series.

First of all there is no harem in Library of Heaven’s Path. If you’re familiar with wuxia/xianxia you would know that in this genre if you want to find a non harem series it is even more difficult than trying to reach the stars. As someone who is allergic to harem story this Library of Heaven’s Path has automatically become a precious gem to me.

Secondly, if you love shameless, thick skin, money grabbing lead, this one is for you.

As a teacher Zhang Xuan has a rather even temper and quite dedicated. Unfortunately, he is a scrooge and he couldn’t let those who intentionally step on his toes to go without paying.

Hence, if you love face slapping, Library of Heaven’s Path is definitely your thing. It has major face slapping scenes to make your day.

In case you love reading about male lead that is equipped with a super cheat tool, you will love this one. Zhang Xuan’s Library of Heaven’s Path gives him a super power. Comparing him to other cultivators is like comparing Superman to ordinary citizen of Earth.

Other people have to work hard to increase their cultivation. It takes them years and decades to advance. But for Zhang Xuan it’s as easy as breathing. The only difficulty that he has to face is paying for things that are needed by his students. And finding books to fill his Library of Heaven’s Path.

What I find most interesting in this series is how coherent the story really is despite all the copy paste things. The build up of Zhang Xuan’s career as a super teacher is quite clever and entertaining.

Despite making slapping people left and right his side career, the highlight of the series is actually Zhang Xuan’s ‘hardship’ in promoting and developing his students right into the top.

I love seeing how every time Zhang Xuan the scrooge finally thinks that he has struck it rich, he ends up realizing that he actually doesn’t even have enough money to buy a mere pill for one of his students.

I love seeing the self proclaimed ‘low profile’ Zhang Xuan works hard to earn money to buy things for his students. Other people work hard to increase their cultivation but Zhang Xuan works hard to be rich.

Later on as his own cultivation increases he realises that not only his students, but he himself needs a lot of money to increase his cultivation and thus he becomes even more obsess with money.

I like seeing how he slowly learns how to be a teacher. A real teacher. I also like seeing how he learns to love his students not because they could bring him some benefits but because they are his students. I like seeing how he unintentionally influences the lives of the people around him for the better.

I also like seeing how he views the ticking bomb inside his body. Yes, he might die, but not now, so he might as well go on living his life like there is nothing wrong for the moment.

At this moment this is my crack, the one that I’m looking forward to reading the most.

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