Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Impression on the Birth of Beauty (미녀의 탄생)

The Birth of Beauty is the only new drama that I’m looking forward to watching besides Mr. Back which stars Shin Ha Kyun and Jang Nara.

And yes, I don’t have any intellectual reason for wanting to watch this drama. I only have a shallow one. I’m in for the pretty, the cute, the laugh and the love, which I’m convinced are a sure thing with two of my beloveds on the small screen.

The first episode of the Birth of Beauty is rather hard to describe. It’s not quite what I expected. I know, I know, with the kind of premise it has I shouldn’t expect anything.

But, you see I really had no expectation what so ever regarding the storyline, directing, overall message and what have you at least until I watched the first episode.

I didn’t expect the story to start with Han Ye Seul roaming the streets quite freely stunning hordes of on lookers with her out of this world beauty. I also didn’t expect the fairytale presentation of her character as the most beautiful woman in Korea. 

 It’s just bizarre.

It won’t be that strange if the drama keeps the style for other scenes as well. The fact that the show only uses it when it wants to convey how perfectly beautiful Sa Geum Ran now is has created a rather jarring effect.

It feels more so when we come to see the real life of ugly (read: fat) Sa Geum Ran. There’s no fairytale there. Just ugliness. Pure and simple ugliness.

I know all those scenes are an exaggeration and God knows I don’t mind exaggeration, for I kind of like the over the top acting, unbelievable story, crazy arch, etc, however, there’s something here that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes the first episode fails to grab my heart.

This drama should really thank Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul, for I don’t think I would bother to check the second episode out if the drama is starred by other stars. Okay, not really, but that what I should do.

I’m prepared for a mindless, joyful journey but once again I’m afraid I’m trapped with a drama that will force me to put my viewpoints regarding love and marriage.

The Greatest Marriage is more than enough an outlet to voice my thoughts on those issues, but it seems that I find another drama that begs to be brought into the discourse. Albeit from a totally different angle.

So be it.

The second episode of the Birth of Beauty is a huge improvement. I finally get to see what I want to see from Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul.

They are so adorable. They look so good together.

One party is very proud of his brains, the other party is totally dazzled by her own looks and quite convinced that it would not fail her. Combining their trusted weapons they bond to plot a revenge.

A revenge that already sees its future fate when Sa Geum Ran decides she doesn’t really want a revenge.

Gosh, Ajumma!

How in the world would you want a husband who cheats on you and instead of divorcing you he leaves you to be a slave at his house for seven years!

How could you want to be a part of a family who has no respect nor love for you? People who only appreciate your presence because of the free labor you provide?

But then again, no matter how stunning she looks on the outside, no matter how sophisticated she seems. In the end Sa Geum Ran is just an ajumma.

Han Tae Hee might have forced her to read tons of books to improve her mind but inside her head all those things don’t register. She’s still a simple woman who craves nothing but a husband and a family to make her feel secure and complete.

A woman who doesn’t know the value of herself because no one has ever valued her before. A woman who finally thinks she is valuable because she has a pretty face and being adored by everyone else.

An ajumma who thinks that now with her beautiful self she could finally make her husband and family loves her.

The second episode has won me over.   

I’m looking forward to seeing how the show is going to deliver the message that Sa Geum Ran is being loved not because of her outside appearances.

The most interesting part for me is when Han Tae Hee himself is affected and shaken by her extra ordinary beauty. While on the other hand her husband totally ignores her attempts at flirting the first time he sees her stunning self. She finally captures his attention when she’s being true to herself.

I’m going to stay till the end no matter how bad the show is but it’s relieving to know that at least it’s going to be a good one. Just not the kind of good that I expected.
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