Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I always wonder why time flies so fast.

But when the schedule has become impossibly tight it’s normal for me not to know the day and the date and just function on auto mode only to be awaken in the next new month or new year.

But to be losing touch with the date and day just because I’m so obsessed with a drama.....that’s never happened before. I know I’m addicted to Coffee House (that’s the culprit that has brought me to this stage) but to be this obsessed that I’m losing control of the reality......

I was wishing that the days could fly to the next Monday (that’s the day the next episode would be on air) with all speed and that’s why I thought today is already Friday (the day we could forsake our uniform).

So, when I saw one of my staff right when I got out of my car wearing her uniform I still didn’t realise my mistake and just wondered why did she love it that much?

Once I arrived on our floor and I saw that every body else is also wearing their uniform......

I have it bad, really bad.

Coffe House has better deliver and be the best Kdrama ever!
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