Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beware of Dewata Agung’s Irresponsible Driver!

His name is Madar. His mobile’s number is 0815 11515111. And he’s driving his boss with B 8254 JY to their office in Menara Batavia through Casablanca Street.

Everybody who’s ever been involved in an accident in which they were hit by somebody else (usually motorbikes) has been saying these things:

1. The hitter hit from behind when we were at full stop.
2. And then had the audacity to get angry while accusing their victims of speed driving and not being careful.

In my case to my surprise I wasn’t hit by a bike but a monstrous big car driven by Madar. I was about to start running with the second gear when a strange sound stopped me. At first it didn’t register that my car was being hit. It took a few seconds for me to realize it.

How could it be possible to be hit by someone when I was in the second lane among five (almost right on the right side of the road – the relatively safe one)?And the lane on my right was almost a meter away! But then again, there’s nothing impossible when you’re driving in Jakarta. I should’ve known that.

Especially not with a driver like Madar who when I got out to have a look at the damage and asked him how’s he going to repair those damages boldly told me that I was the one who should pay the damage to his car which wasn’t the least bit affected after grazing my car.

When I told him that it was him who hit my car right from behind in a fail attempt to squeeze his big car in (I should’ve taken a picture of our positions), he took exception to that. Especially to the words that he hit me. Perhaps he’s attempting another brilliant move to make me admit that I was the one who hit him from up front while I was trying to try a reversing gear.

I was the one who told him to move over since everybody else had been impatient to move on to their offices. If his boss wasn’t sitting comfortably in the car I had a bad feeling that he would speed his car to run away - another probability in his book even in the middle of the heavy traffic that we’re in.

When I told him to ask his boss to get off he said that I wasn’t going to get paid if I was dealing with his boss, the car was his full responsibility. It did cross my mind that he himself wouldn’t pay for the damages done to my car. He said he would settle it with insurance. Fat chance that he would. I let him go just with his promise to settle it latter on.

When my superior heard that story he told me I shouldn’t let him go that lightly. I was in full agreement. The only reason I let Madar go that easily was because he was a driver. Madar can lie through his teeth with his boastings to pay with insurance, my car was insured. His lies didn’t concern me. I would be really surprise if he keeps his words. I promised my father I would give him those 200,000 if Madar somehow paid it. The reason I let Madar off lightly was because I couldn’t bring myself to ask Rp 200,000 which was needed to claim the insurance from a driver. However, I was very angry. I still am.

When I got home and told my mother of what happened she got upset, because she thought I would spend a lot of money to repair the car. She was quite supportive when she heard my angry outbursts that I was going to make Madar pay dearly for his actions by writing a formal complaint to his company or even send someone to his office to collect the payment or whatever to make his life hell.

But when she heard that it was only Rp 200,000, she changed her mind. She said Madar is only a driver. I should think about the consequences of my actions, what if Madar was fired as the results of my actions. What will happen to his family? Did Rp 200,000 worth ruining somebody’s else’s life?

Not that I disagree, it's just very unsatisfactory to let Madar go that easily. It wasn’t the Rp 200,000 that was grating on my nerves. Neither the fact that my brand new car was hit. Nor the fact that I had to use the uncomfortable and unreliable public transportations for a week in the rainy season – as I’d rather like the experience for a change.

I just didn’t like the fact that Madar was unpunished. It against one of the basic principles I hold dear to let Madar goes his merry way. If one does something good. One should get a reward for their good deeds. If one does something bad one should be punished for it.

With his easy escape Madar would be a loose road hazard to everybody else. He didn’t get hard lessons he wouldn’t forget in a long time to help him to be more careful onward.

So, everybody, if you’re passing Casablanca Street on daily basis just be extremely careful if you happen to be driving around him. Give him a wide berth if he’s in front of you. And speed up if he happens to be behind you, or slow down and give him a way, otherwise he would hit you because he’s so impatient to move forward as quickly as possible to deliver his boss in time regardless of its costs to others.
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